Dezeen’s Brexit Passport Compeition

My entry for Dezeen’s Brexit Passport competition. I wanted to design a passport that harked back to the passport previous to the burgundy coloured one we know today. For the front and back covers I used a dark blue colour, which I referenced from the colour used for the Union flag. For the typography, I wanted to keep it simple, using a font that reminded me of pre EU membership in two different weights in white.  I also decided to add a white vector of the Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom. Having the word passport in English, Scotland, Welsh and Irish I hoped it would reinforce the Union of the United Kingdom, I also added a faded out Union Jack in the background, which when the document is fully opened the whole flag can be seen. For the interior of the document I decided to keep it simple rather than the overly fussy latest designs in the passport today, using a simple back drop of a landscape or architectural scene over a security pattern, with simple typography, and symbols, such as a rose for England and a Thistle for Scotland and so on. 


Graphic Design, March 2017